One energetic Change-Maker influenced and motivated others in his neighborhood to collectively donate enough money to feed over 200 families for a week.  Another generous Change-Maker thoughtfully helped by donating his tithe on his stimulus check. Another retired Change-Maker felt led to give her entire stimulus check for the cause of helping others in need.  Filled with pride, one small but big-hearted 6-year old Change-Maker gave his $11 he had saved.  A group of physically fit Change-Makers rode bikes and ran to raise money to help.  A young but mature Change-Maker, only 14 years old, led a food drive to help provide for her neighbors in need. Another planted tomato plants in his home to grow in our garden to help feed his neighbors.  Others are business owners, realtors, orthodontists, and insurance agents who gave financial gifts or set out donation bins encouraging those they know to help. Church families, neighborhoods, and individuals continuously collected food with the purpose of making sure no one does without meals during this crisis.  Those with the financial means have given generously with the intention that no one has their electricity or water turned off or are without a place to shelter their family and rest their head at night.  We can’t forget the  heroic Change-Makers who continue to protect themselves with masks and gloves and with the hands and hearts of servants, distribute food to their hungry neighbors.  YOU have been a part of this special community that has given GENEROUSLY for weeks knowing that the lives of many of our fellow neighbors have been changed drastically by the coronavirus.  Thank you, Change-Makers, for caring for our neighbors as you have done so well. We could not do this without you!
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