Volunteer and U-Pick Information

U-Pick 4 Others Blueberry Patch

The Harvest for Real Life Orchard U-Pick 4 Others 2021 Season is now over.

Thank you to all our community volunteers willing to help us pick fresh fruit for the client families we serve at Real Life Center and make a difference in the lives of many.  We look forward to our 2021 U-Pick 4 Others season!

Volunteer with a Real Life Fruit Orchard and Garden Team

Each year we harvest a wide variety of produce in our Orchard and Vegetable Garden.  Each variety has a Team Leader who studies publications on plant care, organizes group project days, and trains other volunteer team members.

How do I sign-up to volunteer to be on a Harvest for Real Life Fruit Orchard team?

If you are interested in volunteering with a Harvest for Real Life Fruit Orchard team, please review VOLUNTEER TEAMS for a brief description of each team and what would be involved in volunteering.  Then go to CONTACT US, and share how you would like to serve.  Someone will contact you to discuss the next steps.  CLICK HERE to access the WAIVER and please return it to us before volunteering.

Meet Our Team Leaders

Steve Thomas
Orchard Coordinator

Michael Crozier

James Bellamy

Mike Byrd

Wendy Miller

Brian Cardoza

Paula Rutledge
Fig &

James & Julie Young

Kevin Welch

Theresa Wash