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Welcome to the Real Life Center

If you are going through a tough time you probably long for change.  Perhaps you wonder if your circumstances will ever improve.  We are sorry you are facing difficulties and desire to provide resources that will help you get back on your feet.

For permanent residents of Fayette or Coweta counties, we offer a one-year program designed to bridge a gap resulting from life circumstances such as job loss, divorce, or health issues.  We strive to be a safe place for people from all walks of life.

During an initial consultation with one of our trained counselors, you will be encouraged to set realistic, achievable goals for the one-year period we are walking beside you.  We look forward to hearing about your progress when you stop in for food, bread, or clothing.  We also plan to follow up with you throughout the year to see how you are doing because our desire for you is that you achieve long-term success.

For details on how to enroll visit How to Enroll.  To learn more about our programs visit Programs.