Dirt1x stands for Do It Right the 1st Time and that is exactly what they do. Dirt1X is not only one of our faithful Diamond Sponsors again this year but is a full-service marketing agency that allows businesses and nonprofits access to a million-dollar marketing department at a fraction of the cost of staffing one. The agency provides strategy for greater profits, branding, websites, search engine optimization, social media, sales materials, event marketing, video and more.
Dirt1x  is unique in that it provides effective solutions to the questions of 1. How do we get the marketing done? and 2. How do we make marketing work? Ellie White-Stevens, owner of Dirt1X and a friend and supporter of the Real Life Center, shares “We look forward to continuing to serve our retainer-based clients for many more years. This year, we are having our best year ever, and are pleased that we were able to give back to so many local causes, including the Real Life Center.”

Supporting the local community is very important to Ellie. “When I started Dirt1x, I immediately thought that what we needed to do was tithe our business resources—that’s a tenth of our efforts to nonprofits. And we have exceeded that.” This year, they were able to provide new brochures and promotional materials to the Real Life Center as well as event marketing for our successful Harvest for Hope fundraiser. Ellie elaborates, “The Real Life Center does the work that we are all called to do—to take care of those that are struggling. This is about fulfilling an important mission in a responsible way. When we give to the Real Life Center and help them to be able to connect to more donors—it exponentially impacts our community for the good.”

Not only is Ellie the Creative Director at Dirt1x and exceptionally involved in making our community a better place to live, but she also wears many other hats as well. “I have two boy geniuses who are killing it in math and science at their high school and beyond. My husband Matt White works in our business as Operations Manager. The only hobby I’ve had time for lately is watching Netflix, as I’m in the middle of planning a big annual fundraiser called O Christmas Tea.”

“I am so very grateful for Ellie and her team, who has been an amazing sponsor over the years and have given back, not only to the Real Life Center but throughout the community. We are honored to partner with like-minded companies like Dirt1x that help make our community a great place to live, work and play!” shares Cathy Berggren, Executive Director of the Real Life Center. Ellie truly is an amazing person to have in our community with all she does. Ellie jokingly comments, “I work. I watch. I’m under the delusion that I can multi-task.” That she does well! Thank you, Ellie White-Stevens, and your amazing team at Dirt1x . Your support is priceless!