Most of us have seen or picked up the Fayette Woman Magazine and have read some amazing stories.  That is the work of Joyce Beverly and her team telling stories that inspire the rest of us to be our best.  We are so grateful to Joyce Beverly, Owner of Fayette Woman Magazine, for her generous gift to the Real Life Center through her Diamond sponsorship this fall for the fourth year in a row. Fayette Woman is a voice for and about women who live in Fayette County, Ga. Fayette Woman believes that everyone’s life is a journey and no matter how grand or modest, every one of us has a story. Their goal is to cultivate a sense of community among their readers while giving their advertising partners a professional, trusted and positive environment for their messages.

Fayette Woman has been publishing since 2001 and has published over 200 issues. “Telling one story at a time is powerful, but seeing all stories over time has generated a significant body of work,” shares Joyce Beverly. “I love how a story doesn’t just impact the person sharing it. It also impacts those who read the story to feel encouraged and hopeful. We often feel that we are the only ones going through our challenges, and to see someone else thrive is encouraging.” Every new issue is Joyce’s new favorite but some stories do stand out! “In October 2005, Fayette Woman proudly featured Helen Kogel Denton, a retired veteran of World War II, who worked for General Eisenhower, typing battle plans for D-Day. It demonstrates how faithfully using your skills can have global and eternal impact. We can all use our gifts. When you start believing you can do something, you absolutely will.”

Fayette Woman has been a voice for the Real Life Center to share success stories about the families we serve and the impact our community has on making a true difference in the lives of those going through very difficult times.  We are most grateful for this gift of publication! “To support a group who faithfully helps others struggling in our community is magnificent. Local is everything to us. Everything starts at home, in your neighborhood, in your town. Successes at home have a ripple effect on the community.” The printed monthly magazine is distributed to libraries, medical offices, hair and nail salons, restaurants and more than 400 high-traffic businesses and service providers in Fayette County. “I am looking forward to both an exciting and challenging time to be in communications, and learning to take advantage of new opportunities,” Joyce concludes. “The opportunities in our field are enormous and we hope to be on the forefront in our local community Cathy Berggren, Real Life Center Executive Director, is especially thankful for Joyce, “We are so grateful for the partnership of the Fayette Woman Magazine to help share the story of the Real Life Center and the families we serve.  We love all they do to make our community a great place!”

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