Individuals, Families, and Schools

The minimum age for volunteering at the Real Life Center is 14 years old when accompanied by an adult; however, children under 14 years old may assist their parent with bread pick-up and delivery.  The minimum age for volunteering without being accompanied by an adult is 16 years old. Children of all ages are welcome to help harvest fruit with their families at the Harvest for Real Life Fruit Orchard.  Additionally, there are many ways that individuals, families, and schools can help off-site, allowing for young children to participate.

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Hold a Neighborhood Food Drive. The Real Life Center will provide flyers and supplies, and you can coordinate and bring items to the Real Life Center.
  • Buy one, get one at local grocery stores. Donate the free items to the Real Life Center.
  • Children can help clean out their closets and toys and donate gently used items to the Real Life Center.
  • Make cards that can be given out in food pantry bags as an encouragement to our families.
  • Set up a spare change jar and collect change, or hold a penny drive in your neighborhood.
  • Make toiletry kits containing items such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, and washcloth. These are distributed to families at the Real Life Center.
  • Hold a community bake sale and donate the proceeds to the Real Life Center.
  • Get friends together and hold a scavenger hunt for items to donate.
  • Pick up bread items from local grocery stores and deliver them to the Real Life Center. This is a good activity for small children.
  • Hold a Neighborhood Clothing or Household Drive. Collect coats, school supplies, socks, undergarments, jeans, or other items. This allows for whole communities and subdivisions to serve together.