Real Life Store Tyrone

Address and Phone
992 Senoia Rd, Tyrone, GA 30290

Hours of Operation
Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 4pm

Donations Accepted
Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 3pm

Real Life Store Tyrone is an upscale thrift store offering its customers a variety of gently-used items such as furniture, clothing, home décor, accessories, housewares, furniture, toys, books, and a variety of other items. The Tyrone location sends all profits, after expenses, back to the Real Life Center to help struggling families in our local community.

Real Life Store Tyrone first opened its doors in December 2006 in the location of the former Mundy’s Pharmacy. Filling the space where the beloved pharmacist “Doc” Mundy served his clients is a special memory for many in our community. Our store is a great place where individuals can serve and truly make a difference!

Over the years the Tyrone store has steadily increased its contributions back to the Real Life Center, allowing for more families to be helped. Your generous giving, volunteer hours, and donations have allowed the store to grow and carry on “Doc” Mundy’s legacy of putting people first.