Why Volunteer?

Volunteering with an organization is a precious gift! Serving at the Real Life Center or Harvest for Real Life Fruit Orchard directly impacts the families of Fayette and Coweta Counties in a very real way. We know that volunteering is a big commitment and comes with an emotional attachment to the place and people where you give your time and resources. Whether you give 2 hours or 10, we will treat your gift of time and resources very carefully and will use it in a way that has maximum impact on the families we serve. We also understand that you serve to make a difference in your community, so we want to spend time with you to ensure we match you with the right opportunity. Thank you for your willingness to serve. We look forward to welcoming you.

Three Locations to Serve

REAL LIFE CENTER provides a variety of opportunities to volunteer, such as serving families when they come to receive food or clothing. Volunteers also are needed to receive and sort donations in the warehouse, to perform basic administrative support, or to assist with special projects.

HARVEST FOR REAL LIFE FRUIT ORCHARD seasonally provides 3-7 pounds of fresh fruits to each family at the center weekly. Through your participation with one of the orchard teams, you are directly responsible for helping grow and harvest the nutritional foods which end up on our families’ tables.

MOBILE FOOD PANTRY is held monthly and needs volunteers who can help bag and distribute food to families.

Steps to Become a Volunteer

How do I sign up to volunteer for the Real Life Center, or Mobile Food Pantry?

If you are interested in volunteering at the Real Life Center or Mobile Food Pantry call the Real Life Center directly or go to Contact Us and share with us how you would like to serve. For volunteer roles visit Individuals, Families. and Schools. Once you’ve made contact with us, our Volunteer Coordinator will invite you to an orientation tour, which is designed to provide you with an opportunity to hear our story and become acquainted with the many areas for serving. In preparation, you are welcome to fill out the Registration and Waiver forms below and bring them to your orientation tour.

How do I sign-up to volunteer for the Harvest for Real Life Fruit Orchard?

If you are interested in volunteering with the Harvest for Real Life Fruit Orchard, please review Volunteer Teams for a brief description of each team and what would be involved in volunteering.  Then go to Contact Us, and share how you would like to serve.  Someone will contact you to discuss the next steps.  Please complete this Waiver and provide before volunteering.

Locations and Hours

Real Life Center
Address: 975 Highway 74 North, Tyrone, GA  30290
Hours: Monday – Thursday, 9am – 12pm and Thursday,  5pm – 7pm

Harvest for Real Life Fruit Orchard
Address: Campus of Dogwood Church, 975 Georgia 74, Tyrone, GA 30290
Hours: Vary seasonally

Mobile Food Pantry
Address: Campus of Grace Evangelical Church, 164 Flat Creek Trail, Fayetteville, GA 30214
Hours: 10am – 12pm, typically the third Thursday of each month

Thank you for donating your time and resources!