Stories from our Families

Everyone goes through difficult times. Life can be hard, and difficult circumstances affect people in all walks of life.

From broken relationships to job loss to aging parents, or illness, no one is immune to the personal problems that often permeate every area of our lives. Below are some stories from our Real Life Center families.

Several months ago, we received a call from a local business owner offering a childcare scholarship to assist a family in need. She told us that years ago she left an abusive marriage and found herself and her child on the street with virtually nothing. She came to the Real Life Center. Not only were we able to help with her heating bill, we also provided her hope by caring for her during tough times. She was ready to pay forward what she had received in one of the darkest moments of her own life. Not only had she been able to see first-hand what it means to be on the receiving end of Neighbor Helping Neighbor, but she also understood that receiving such help and hope can be truly life changing! Today she is back on her feet and doing well! She now owns her own business, a full-service local daycare academy.

Her gift to the Real Life Center is a testimony of our community working together to make a difference.

Not long ago a young man paid a visit to the Real Life Center to personally deliver his High School graduation announcement. While we could not fully remember him, we certainly recognized his last name. When he came into our conference room he shared how important it was for him to personally deliver this special announcement.  He wanted us to know what this achievement meant to him and how we played an important role in his journey to obtain it. He recounted the dark days of his father leaving the family and his mother battling cancer. His mother had no one to turn to and wondered if the family would become homeless. Then he smiled and shared that it was the hope, food, words of encouragement, financial assistance and love he and his mother received at the center that kept them going. That was ultimately what allowed him to stay in school. Not only did he graduate, but he received a full scholarship! To this day we count this High School Graduation invitation as one of the greatest gifts we have received.

Neighbor Helping Neighbor. No one should be walking a tough journey alone!

During the hot summer months of 2013, we heard the sound of our doorbell intended for after-hour deliveries. Standing in the door was a couple in their late fifties. They looked tired and worn and were not feeling well. We opened the door and invited them in to sit down in our community room away from the summer heat.  Concerned for their poor health, we were able to connect them immediately to a local free clinic for an appointment. We quickly gathered food, fresh fruits, and household supplies so they could be on their way to the appointment. As they left tears starting flowing! They thanked us profusely for taking the time to make them feel valuable. They left with renewed hope and a lighter step.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of others in our community. Every small contribution matters.

If only you could have seen the big smile from one of our little ones at the beginning of the new school year when she received a new backpack filled with school supplies. Her eyes sparkled and she hugged us tightly, delighted with this new gift. The look of gratefulness from mom spoke volumes. For this family, we were able to provide payment for a late bill, food, clothing, school supplies, and a connection to another community resource.

A sincere thank you goes out to all of our businesses, churches, community partners, and numerous volunteers who allow us to provide for our families.